Questions for Project 2

My major is Psychology.

1) What does “technological literacy” mean for a psychologist?
2) What kind of writing is to be expected from a psychologist?
3) What types of things should a psychologist be basing their writing on?
4) How often do psychologists write?
5) If (and when?) I become a psychologist, what kinds of technologies will be required for me to be successful?
6) Who will my audience be?
7) How often do I get to interact with people?
8) Who are some famous psychologists that I should know about?
9) How often is research integrated in writing and everyday jargon?
10) Is there a need for higher education to become a psychologist?
11) Are there other jobs related to the field of psychology if pursuing higher education is not an option?
12) How have advancements in technology affected research psychologists do on a daily basis?
13) What are some general areas of study for psychologists?
14) Where do they (general areas of psychology) originate from?
15) What kind of courses should a psychology major take in order to become well-educated in this field?
16) Why do so many people pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology?