As soon as I finished reading Rosen’s article on LOLCats, I’ve realized that I’ve been taking part of this internet sensation from the very beginning. At first, when the meme began to bloom, it was a running joke about cats and the things they do most of their days. Then, once the meme gained online popularity, people would submit captions that referred to everyday life for humans as well.
     What makes these memes so appealing to the general population? Unfortunately, they can reflect things that are wrong in society today. As Rosen stated, “the cultural phenomena of Internet memes reflect societal anxieties or desires, and that through studying these memes we can better understand what is going on in the collective mind of our culture”. In making these statement, Rosen believes that memes allow for prominent anonymity when discussing and expressing negative aspects of today’s society. Unfortunately, many memes have underlying themes of racism and sexism.
     An example of this could be “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls”, which insists that  caucasian women have a tendency to be overly racist without having the intention of being so.